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The Enchanting Power, by Leila Gharib (11.5 y.o., Ukraine)

Once upon a time, there was a girl. She was not like any other girl. This girl was special. She had an enchanting power, a unique ability that made her stand out from the crowd. 


This girl had an enchanting power, she could see the future. It wasn't by traveling through time or anything like that. No, this girl had something different inside her.


Instead of physically transporting herself to the future, she had an enchanting power to conjure up visions of her future simply by thinking about it. No channel, no device, no gadgets. Just her thoughts and her gift to envision what lies ahead in her life.


This girl's gift was not for show or boasting but rather to help her see what may come and prepare for it accordingly. It may be scary at times to know what's coming but it also gave her strength and courage to face any challenges that life throws at her with confidence and calmness.




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Isn't it amazing that some little ones intuitively know what many of us (mature ones) need a lifetime to learn?...

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