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Our meet-up at New College, Oxford

Oxford, January 2023


An Oxford alumna Dr Darya Protopopova started this group initially to support writers affected by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Herself a bilingual writer, Darya wanted to provide a network of contacts and a safe space for people writing in Russian, Ukrainian and – multilingually – in English. Since our first writers’ meet-up in June 2022, we have discussed many personal and professional writing projects. Our speakers included

  • a Ukrainian writer and columnist for Zima Magazine Iryna Potanina,

  • a British Russian-speaking writer and former BBC journalist Katerina Linnik, author of the novel “60 855 words”,

  • a bilingual writer Nia Sheremeteva, author of “Normal Weird”, a bestselling sci-fi novel on Amazon,

  • a writer and activist Igor Savelyev, whose novels are translated into English and French, and who is currently working as a correspondent for Frankfurter Allgemeine newspaper.

We provide networking through our posts on social media, as well as advice on how to get your writing project all the way to the finishing line and how to get it published! Our group on Facebook features writers, academics, translators, editors, journalists, literary agents, self-publishing experts and, most importantly, friendly and enthusiastic readers.

Two Pencils

Est. 2022

More about LGMW

Founded: 31 May 2022
Founder: Dr Darya Protopopova, DPhil (Oxon.) is a writer and researcher on Russian and British modernism. Her research interests include Virginia Woolf, James Joyce, translations from the Russian, and bilingualism. Her articles and reviews have appeared in Changing English, The Bodleian Library Record, Virginia Woolf Miscellany, and the Times Literary Supplement. In 2008 she was awarded Gordon Duff Prize for her research on Aylmer Maude’s translations of Tolstoy. Her recent publications include a monograph Virginia Woolf’s Portraits of Russian Writers: Creating the Literary Other (2019). Her first novel, titled, in Russian, 1982, or To Survive until Spring, came out in March 2020. Her second novel “Лондон, мать!” (London, Mother***, 2021) has made “Critics’ Shortlist” (Список литературы) on Ridero and is being sold worldwide, digitally and in print.
Number of meet-ups held (June 2022–March 2024): 34 (and counting)
Our famous supporters include: Sergei Davydov (Germany), Iryna Potanina (Ukraine), Anna Sandermoen (Switzerland), Igor Savelyev (Russia), Alisa Zotimova (United Kingdom), and many others.

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