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Poems, by Amaka Obioji

Somewhere Invincible

You wouldn’t know how

long you have lived

until you stare at the

mirror and see your once

slimmed jawline, heavy,

filled with hollow,

carrying grief from ages.

Your neckbone sagged,

spilling flesh,

you are no longer

the girl with the silky hair

Your hair that imitates the colour of the

rain clouds at night have taken the

golden sheen of the moon.

Your bosom lays out flat

like drylands,

forgetting its fullness

that gave life.

Your bed, empty,

filled with noises of

departing footsteps.


Finding Clarity

It has happened,

my mind is clouded,

failing to make perfect

lines of poetry,

everything is bleh.

Things are happening too fast, very little,

I woke up and the world has moved

ten times ahead and I am

wondering where to fit in my big dreams.

I call a friend and he unleashed piles of

his own worries and our minds are clouded yet again.

My friend says the rosary,

this one sits by the fire in rage,

another cuts her skin in supplication.

My mind is clouded again

and I have no words to

describe them into a poem.

By Amaka Obioji

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