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Anka B Troitsky

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Short Story "Zv-City of Braindead" - 3rd place in The Writer's Workout 2024 competition

Питерский Ренеcсанс, или ZV-City of Braindead

Writer, former science teacher, fan of science fiction and computer games
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VIST sci-fi series:
In the 34th century, Earth is on the brink of destruction due to a changing Sun. Evacuation efforts are hindered by war, dividing factions, seeking refuge in God's hands or a forgotten colony. Vist, the last of his or her race, holds the key to survival. Join a group on a dangerous journey where mysteries unfold. With the solar system gone, humanity adapts to the distant constellation of Lyra, facing new challenges. Genetically modified races and loaders—AI entities fused with humans—blur the lines of humanity. In Book 3, Vist, a genderqueer loader, confronts evolving evils manipulating minds. (Content Warning: Violence, Assault, Grief)

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