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Amaka Felly Obioji

Amaka's book of poetry, "Mother, Did You Call My Name?"

Amaka's Profile @amaka_felly

Amaka's poems

Writer, Poet, Author of “Mother, Did You Call My Name?”

Amaka Felly Obioji is a Nigerian writer and poet based in London. She is also the Co-Founder and Managing Editor of Diaspora Africa - an independent media organisation dedicated to highlighting stories that centre on the movement of Africans in Africa & the diaspora, exploring the intersections between migration and gender, education, climate change, refugee politics, LGBTQ+ rights and social inclusion. Through grassroots data collection, solutions journalism, and evidence-based research, while documenting the nuances and dynamics of migration and remodelling migration reporting across Africa.

In 2024, Amaka published her debut poetry collection ‘Mother Did You Call My Name?’ - a collection of short simple poetry with deep layers of meaning. Her book delves into the depths of human experience, unravelling threads of joy, sadness, resilience, and rebellion.

Amaka writes mindfulness poems, which she describes as ‘poetry of the heart’. She uses poetry to advocate for mental health and self-development. Currently, she is expanding her work to feature more writing on social issues and migration.

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