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Ada Diana Dziś

"Marlene's Prayer Book" — Ada's second play —

Ada's Telegram channel

Ada Diana Dziś is a young writer and human rights activist.

She studied at GITIS - the Russian Institute of Theatre Arts (History and Theory of Theatre and Criticism, Thesis topic: «Theatre in the Gulag»). In 2022-2023 she took Tatyana Sotnikova's course “Russian Prose of Modern Times (1990s - 2020s)” at Free Moscow University. In 2023 she took Anna Sergeeva-Klyatis's course “Theory of Literature” at Free Moscow University.

Ada specializes in nonfiction and creative writing. She was the coordinator of the volunteer centre of the Gulag History Museum, and co-author of the book about former repressed people and volunteers.

Since 2020 she has worked with refugees in Kyiv. Since 2022 lives in Warsaw.

In 2023, her play “She Was Called” was included in the anti-war program «Drama against war» of the Lubimovka Independent Playwriting Festival.

Her second play, «Marlene's Prayer Book», was published in the ROAR review.

Since 2021, she has been a co-creator of the project "Executed Poetry", focusing on Belarusian and Ukrainian poets who were executed.

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